Our Services

Back Pain

We believe in finding out the origin of the pain and also have the required diagnostic tools to make this possible.

Neck Pain

We have specially trained professionals who will be able to even visit the homes of our patients and offer treatment if and when needed.

Sports Injuries

We offer our services for various types of pain. We also specialize in treating sports injuries and the resultant pain associated with it.

Pain is a common phenomenon associated with almost each one of us. From the day we are born and till the last day of our life it is quite possible that almost each one of us would have suffered from different types of pain at least once in their lives. While some pains are cured in a day or two, others might require medical intervention. Hence, if you are looking for a safe, secure and reliable pain management clinic, it might make sense to know something more about us. We would like to place on record that we are today one of the best pain management clinics in the city and surrounding areas. Whether it is neck pain, sports injuries or back pain, you can be sure that our patients will get the best of treatment from us at all points of time. We have the best of facilities available with us and this is what makes us different from us. We believe in diagnosing the problems and only then offering solutions. Our clinic is fully equipped with the best of staff and we can handle different types of pain situations with professional competence, safety and efficiency. In most of the cases our patients have gone back fully satisfied.